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Strings of fate ch: 10 Music and Morality

The Autobots were all a buzz with curiosity and amazement, alien creatures here on their planet. Not only that but they seem to be friendly and oddly similar to them in some ways. Some of the bots went in search of these alien visitors but were quickly scolded and sent back to work, Bee and Jazz enjoyed the girls and asked them many questions about their home.

"So tell us what kind of planet do you guys have?" asked Jazz walking through a door leading to a closed off lab. "Well I guess you can sum-up our planet in just two words....a "chaotic beauty" in a sense." Taylor smiled as she looked in awe of the room.

"A "chaotic beauty"? What does that mean?" Bee looked at her confused, Serenity smiled at him and explained "What Taylor means is that our world is chaotic at times but always shows an heir of beauty to it, for example after horrible thunderstorms there are chances you see a rainbow after it and it's just beautiful."

"Rainbow?" both bots looked at each other.

"Never mind." said Taylor not wishing to spend a whole day explaining everything.

"Tell me Bumble bee does your kind have music?" asked Serenity changing the subject in a minor way.

"Yeah we do, your species has music?" Bee looked at her, genuinely shocked to hear that this alien species had music.

"Yep our species has a wide verity of music, ranging from rock and hip-hop to folk songs and others." said Taylor with a smile.

"Folk? Rock?" asked Bumble bee with a bewildered look.

"How about we show you." said Serenity motioned to Taylor and both girls hopped down on to a berth before them.

"We'll sing you a song that should help you out." both girls smiled and turned to each other deciding on a song to sing for the bots.

"What song should we sing though?"

"Winter moon." said Taylor smiling.

"Good one!"

In a storage room Bumble bee and Jazz set both girls down on a crate but forgot to close the door behind them. Taylor turned to Serenity and bowed, Serenity bowed back and slowly...ever so gently raised their hands in unison and began to sing. Jazz and Bee sat in wonder hearing the haunting melody before them as the girls danced, they moved slowly and gracefully like snowflakes carried upon the wind. Their voices carried through the base, resinating through the walls and to any bot who could hear it. Any who did felt comfort and seemed to find themselves at peace for a short period of time, even Optimus could hear the beautiful voices of the young girls through the halls of the base.

The girls continued singing, despite the song being so sad it held an heir of beauty. It was haunting, whimsical, beautiful...Jazz couldn't help but be drawn in closer to the beautiful melody, he couldn't help but stare at Taylor. He watched her alien body twist and turn, spin and bow, it was so strange and yet he loved it an for the life of him didn't know why. Bumble bee was no better off, being young his emotions were a bit shown on his sleeves. He had a smile on his face that told any bot around that he was in "Lala" land, it was the dopey smile any mech would get if he was smitten with love at first sight. The girls finished their little aria with a gentle sound of a howl, similar to a wolf baying to the moon above. Bumble bee was still lost in the melody in his mind, Jazz smiled and clapped but caught a feeling he wasn't alone and turned around....a large group of other Autobots had gathered around the door of the storage area.

"Alright break it up come on, get outta here." said Jazz calmly ushering the other bots to disperse, some of them groaned and walked off, others tried to argue but eventually listened when Optimus's name was dropped.

"Optimus seems to be a very important person around here." said Serenity, causing Bumble bee to break from his trance.

"Oh yeah he is, he's out leader and a damn good one too!" Bumble bee was more then happy to talk about Optimus, the one bot he idolized so much.

"Sounds like it, what kind of person is he?" asked Taylor.

"He's complicated but always looks out for his bots, he doesn't send anyone into something he knows that will cost them their life you know suicide missions. He puts a lot of faith in others and trust, and unlike Megatron....doesn't view his soldiers as expendable." said Bumble bee adding a bit of grimness to his final words.

"Who's Megatron?" asked Serenity.

"Megatron leads the Decepticons, a bunch of bad dudes that want to rule Cybertron under him. He steps on the weak and kills anything that gets in his way, he has the power of dark energon at his disposal. I can tell you this you two if you come face to face with might as well say your prayers cause no one has faced him and come back alive accept for Optimus and a few luckies." said Jazz.

"Dark energon....sounds familiar to me." said Taylor.

"It does Taylor, remember when we were little my brother told us the story of Hexxus and how his twisted mind formed the demon Unicron and formed in Unicron was the esssense of evil itself called Blood of Unicron or as Jason put it Dark energon!" said Serenity recalling her childhood stories.

"Wait, wait hold on how do you two know about Unicron?" asked Jazz.

"It was a story my brother told me when Taylor and I were little."

"Seems our planet has reached your planet.....Optimus would like to know this."

End ch 10…

please read this though i've posted about end Net neutality this is just as serious ESPECIALLY if your a girl


i have no comment
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please read this though i've posted about end Net neutality this is just as serious ESPECIALLY if your a girl

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