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Don't ignore this you have to read and watch this the FCC In febuary is gonna Vote on net Neurtrality, Please people Tell Tom Wheeler that his so called Two Lanes is spitting on our Constitutional rights, We shouldn't have to pay for Certian websites, we should beforced to change our service providers. This is like a Dictatorship on the internet. Protect our internet, don't let this year of 2015 be the year where the FCC and Net Neutrality wins. We are the people and the people must be heard

What the heck is with this I come on DA and is Different my Profil is streched wide across my Ipad screen what the heck?
Dark Carnivals & Unlikely Hero's

Cloudless warm days were not uncommon in August, although Zeek preferred cloudy days. Cloud with sun where he could cloud watch, the bolkien sighed hard as he sat on his cot looking out the window. He felt like the worlds smallest ameba on the antenna of an ant. What use was he, he couldn't do anything accept household stuff and babysitting. He sighed looking out the window, back home wasn't much either. His father always favoring his stronger older brother, his mother bless her sweet gentle heart always loved him for who we was but was constantly reminded by his father and brother that he was weaker and pathetic. His thoughts were interrupted by a gentle knocking at his door.

"Hey Zeek it's me, mind if I come in?"

"Sure, come on in." He watched a tall young man walk in, Jason Fortune a dear good friend of his.

"Breakfast is ready man aren't you coming?"

"Yeah I'm coming hang on, so whats on the agenda today?" asked Zeek going into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

"We're going to a carnival, it just opened up last night." said Jason with a smile.

"So you want me to look after the girls while at the park right?" he said with a sigh.

"No we know it's your day off, but Serenity and Taylor want you to come they said it wouldn't be as much fun besides inviting you was their idea. An also its their form of an apology for breaking your leg a while back." Jason said with a little chuckle.

Zeek smiled, Jason never lied and never did ever doubt his words in the girls invitation for him to come along. Though he didn't like what he did at times there wasn't anything he'd really want to do other then this. True Serenity and Taylor were rough on him but they were little and as they grew up they'd be less violent in their games with him and more gentle. He knew the girls truly loved him, they showed it all the time. Little gifts of food, drawings, anything the girls could do to show their love and appreciation to him they would do. Downstairs the girls bounced on the balls of their feet ready to go, Zeek took a little time to get ready. He couldn't go outside looking like he did, living with Kevin Wolfbane he picked up on all kinds of magic spells.

He had a bag of odds and ends of magic talismans, spells, herbs and other items. His cloth was woven from the very hair of Titiana and enchanted silk, the color representing lavender clouds. It shimmered in the light and with it's magic could hide him from anyone he wanted accept those who knew him by heart. The girls loved the feel of the soft woven cloth, the cloth smelled of a meadow of fully bloomed flowers after a light spring rain shower.

"Zeeky, Zeeky look a Ferris wheel!" said Taylor tugging on his hand pointing up to the technicolor wheel.

"Yeah, hey how about we three go on it and from there we can see the whole park and plan out what we want to ride next." said Kevin.

"Ok, girls pic-" Jason was cut short when both girls grasped Zeek's hands and ran for the Ferris wheel.

"They get the idea Jason." chuckled Kevin as they walked to the Ferris wheel as well. The seats rocked and swung them as the road around it, Zeek smiled and raised his hands up with the girls as each time they descended.

They laughed as the swing rocked forward and back, looking in awe as they looked out over the landscape. Eyes darting from one ride to the next, one ride caught young Serenity's attention and it was a open car train ride. Even from atop of the ferries wheel she could see the train seats were big to fit three full-sized adults. She saw people pushing belongings under the seat, she guessed there was enough room below for Taylor and her to fit and hide under just like their beds.

"Guys look over there, lets go on that one!" Said Serenity pointing towards the train ride.

"Ok but before we do, when we get off lets hit the bathroom. Looks like your brother down there looks ready to pop." said Zeek looking down, Jason definitely showing signs of distress and looking around for the closest bathroom to the Ferris wheel.

The girls laughed hysterically, they were the first to get off the ride then Jason and Kevin. An just like Zeek said Jason was rushing for the bathroom, Kevin took the girls to the other bathroom so they could freshen up themselves. Zeek wandered off to grab something to snack on, when he saw the popcorn stand he decided to grab a big bag for him and to share with the girls. Reaching into his pouch he accidentally dropped some change, he went chasing after the change and came up to the fake mountain used for the train ride.

He rounded the corner and noticed something odd....a black goo oozing out of the of a door. Curious he bent down and touched it, his eye widened as he examined the black sticky goo. His heart almost stopped quickly he reached into his bag, grabbing out a vial he poured it over his hand. The goo quickly turned to dust and blew into the wind, Zeek ran around finding that his friends were now about to get on the ride, gathering the goo into a spare vial he ran over to them.

"Ok little ladies take your seats." said the man posing as a ticket master, before he buckled them in Zeek pushed him aside and took his spot in the middle.

"Whoa Zeek easy you didn't need to-" Jason was cut off by the look Zeek was giving him, motioning him over Zeek handed him the vial secretly and whispered.

"I'll take care of the girls....get Kevin and get help." Zeek was jerked forward when the train started moving. The girls were bouncing on the seat, the safety bar keeping them from bouncing out of their seats.

"Zeeky what's wrong?" Asked Taylor noticing Zeek's dark expression, she then noticed him sprinkling something both on the safety bark and on their seat belts this fine dust.

The girls found it odd him fiddling with his pouch, for the time being both girls ignored him and set their sights on the animatronic creatures, people and scenery. But that joy was short lived when the music playing began to hurt the girls ears, both covered their ears and inwardly complained that it was too loud. Taylor noticed it was making her ears ring and it also felt like the inside of her ears were being poked with pins. It was then they started noticing the scenes becoming less jolly and more...disturbing, the happy little animals beginning to eat one another. It was starting to make the girls sick, and finally it did when they saw the animatronic lumberjacks starting to chop up not just the animals but people too.

Both girls vomited off the side of the car's and started shivering, it started becoming hard to breath. They suddenly felt the safety bar lift up and their seat belts snap off, Zeek quickly grabbed them by their arms and pulled them to the floor of their seat they were on and gently ushered them under their seat. Joining them he wrapped his cloak around them and huddled them close to his body and whispered.

"Taylor, Serenity listen very closely, things are going to become very loud and terrifying. Your gonna hear a lot of screaming, lot of strange and horrible sounds. I want you both to keep your ears covered and eyes closed, do you understand me?"

Both nodded shivering violently, Zeek squeezed them both together against his body and started singing into their ears.

"Hush little puppies don't you fear, your friend Zeeky is right here. Hush little puppies don't you whine as long as your with me you'll be fine."

The girls shook and shivered, yelping when they felt the carts ahead of them get jostled hard. Zeek squeezed them both to his body as the jostling got closer and closer to their car, like an explosion their cart was shook violently. Like someone grabbed their cart and began shaking it violently for no reason. But as quickly as it started it stopped, Zeek squeezed the girls close an tried to withstand the sounds he was hearing. The sound of the children screaming, crying, the sound of cracking and breaking limbs.

The "Veil of Sin" when whispered any Lotanian would shiver in fear and feel sick, the  "Veil of Sin" was a spell used back in the Great War of Lotanis. How it worked was both sides would kidnap children from cities or towns and dip them in a black tar like goo that didn't stain the skin but stained the soul and mind. It was used for brainwashing innocent children into being loyal soldiers or spies for the enemy, this practice was forever banished. Truth be told it could be reversed only by the person who made the batch of "Veil of Sin" almost all the time would be kidnapped or threatened bolkien taken from their homes or forced to make it. But since they were forced to make it they knew how to reverse it when things were going to far, Zeek learned from his grandfather how to reverse it.

He was taught how to identify it by touch and how to clean it off the body, he never thought that knowledge would come in handy until now. His arms wrapped around the girls and squeezed them tight to him, he whispered the same two lines of his made up lullaby into their ears in hopes of soothing them. But the sounds of screams and cracking limbs made it difficult, he scratched their backs, rubbed the back of their heads, anything that would try and sooth them he would do.

But the smell, the ungodly smell of something rotting was just as unbearable. Taylor began to cough violently, the smell was just to much for her and her sensitive nose. Serenity was in the same predicament though her nose wasn't as sensitive it was still horrible. Both of them were in misery, Zeek reaching into his bag pulled out three masks. Opening the folds of the masks he stuffed herbs and lunar flowers into them and placed them over the girls mouths a noses.

"Hang in there girls, breath into the masks this should help."

"Z......Zeeky......I don't....feel so good..."

Zeek looked to see a red stain appear on Taylor's mask, pulling down a little he saw her nose was bleeding. Taking his cloak he cleaned up the blood dripping from her nose and kissed her forehead.

"Shh I know you two are not feeling good but don't worry Kevin and Jason are gonna help us very soon."

"" Serenity was on the threshold of tears, she gripped her stomach which felt like it was being spun and tied into knots.

Zeek couldn't do much all he could do was comfort them as much as he could, he cursed under his breath and muttered a small prayer.

"Titana mother of Lotanis please help us, save these two children from this horrid fate I beg thee for thy divine grace. Stop this madness if not give me the strength to help save these girls, my family." Zeek jolted when he felt both the girls slump against them both passing out from the nausea and the sickening sounds.

Zeek feared the worse but just when he felt all hope was lost a light came through, he looked to see they were finally out of the tunnel, gently he poked his head out and found they were outside again coming around to the start again, acting quickly before anyone saw him he picked up the girls and carried them away. Looking around he saw that no one noticed him which was good not even the fake ticket master. He growled under his breath, he now realized this place of fun and joy was just a rouse to kidnap innocent children and turn them into monsters.

He saw no sign of Kevin or Jason, no doubt in his mind went to retrieve help. Hiding the girls behind a tree a large one he began to tend to their ailments, tilting Taylor's head back he stopped her bleeding nose. Then taking out a vial of lunar flower extract among other herbs and water mixed up a slurry with a motor and pestle. Pinching the slurry into his fingers he gently pushed it into both of the girl's mouths, smiling when he saw their faces cringe in disgust. He tasted it before and knew it tasted horrible but knew this would help the girls nausea and expel anything damaging to their health that lingered in their body.

Taylor tried to spit out the horrible bitter slurry but Zeek made sure to keep it in her mouth and with a little water ushered her to swallow it, both girls did as told. Smiling he held them close and to his relief heard the sound of footsteps of the Lotanis hybrid warriors, Jason and Kevin at the head of them. In no time stormed the inside of the fake tunnel and drove out disgusting creatures, the children that were taken were infected with "Veil of sin" but thankfully each warrior had a cure with him to save each child.

"Zeek!" Zeek turned to see Kevin and Jason running towards him, smiling Zeek finally succumbed to his weakened state and passed out as well.  

Zeek felt like he was asleep forever, he woke up feeling like he had nothing but hundred pound weights on his chest. He sat up slowly and on each side of him......little Taylor and Serenity had curled up right next to him, gripping his hands tightly. Zeek looked confused at them till Jason stepped into the room.

"Seems your awake now, they've been like that for hours now."

"Jason? ...ugh where am I?" Zeek sat up but was careful not to awaken the two slumbering children beside him.

"Your home, we carried you here after you passed out. If it wasn't for you a lot of kids would have been stained with that gunk forever....especially Taylor and Serenity.....I can't tell you thankful I am you went so far to protect them." said Jason, Zeek taking notice he was holding back tears.

"Jason its my jo-"

"No Zeek its not your job, you protected two little girls from a horrible fate....and I can tell you this.....from the bottom of my are a very brave and valuable person Zeek. Also....the girls snuck in here for a reason, reason being....they told me they felt safer sleeping next to you but also they wanted to make sure you were ok. They love you Zeek they really do, no matter what kind of hell they put you through they love you with all their heart." Jason smiled and closed the door behind him, leaving to alert Kevin Zeek was awake.

Zeek looked down at the girls, both curled up next to him. Squeezing his hands close to their hearts, Zeek smiled and slowly removed his hands and wrapped them around the tiny girls. Softly he began to hum, then whistle before long he was singing to them their favorite lullaby.

"Hush little puppies don't you fear, your friend Zeeky is right here, hush little puppies don't you whine, I'll always love you so you'll be fine. Cute little puppies who never steal or take, your as sweet as chocolate cake. Sweet little puppies with eyes of green and blue.......always remember...I love you too." Zeek kissed their heads and held them close. Despite what he goes through looking after these two little girls.....he couldn't imagine being anywhere else but there surrounded by two wonderful little angels.

Dark Carnivals and Unlikely Hero's
:iconeomonmoonbertlotanis: created taylor zeek, kevin and any Lotanis creatures

S4 an Jason  belong to me enjoy your halloween

A halloween story inspired from Slimybeast story Whimsywood give it a listen on youtube, happy halloween everyone
Strings of fate ch: 10 Music and Morality

The Autobots were all a buzz with curiosity and amazement, alien creatures here on their planet. Not only that but they seem to be friendly and oddly similar to them in some ways. Some of the bots went in search of these alien visitors but were quickly scolded and sent back to work, Bee and Jazz enjoyed the girls and asked them many questions about their home.

"So tell us what kind of planet do you guys have?" asked Jazz walking through a door leading to a closed off lab. "Well I guess you can sum-up our planet in just two words....a "chaotic beauty" in a sense." Taylor smiled as she looked in awe of the room.

"A "chaotic beauty"? What does that mean?" Bee looked at her confused, Serenity smiled at him and explained "What Taylor means is that our world is chaotic at times but always shows an heir of beauty to it, for example after horrible thunderstorms there are chances you see a rainbow after it and it's just beautiful."

"Rainbow?" both bots looked at each other.

"Never mind." said Taylor not wishing to spend a whole day explaining everything.

"Tell me Bumble bee does your kind have music?" asked Serenity changing the subject in a minor way.

"Yeah we do, your species has music?" Bee looked at her, genuinely shocked to hear that this alien species had music.

"Yep our species has a wide verity of music, ranging from rock and hip-hop to folk songs and others." said Taylor with a smile.

"Folk? Rock?" asked Bumble bee with a bewildered look.

"How about we show you." said Serenity motioned to Taylor and both girls hopped down on to a berth before them.

"We'll sing you a song that should help you out." both girls smiled and turned to each other deciding on a song to sing for the bots.

"What song should we sing though?"

"Winter moon." said Taylor smiling.

"Good one!"

In a storage room Bumble bee and Jazz set both girls down on a crate but forgot to close the door behind them. Taylor turned to Serenity and bowed, Serenity bowed back and slowly...ever so gently raised their hands in unison and began to sing. Jazz and Bee sat in wonder hearing the haunting melody before them as the girls danced, they moved slowly and gracefully like snowflakes carried upon the wind. Their voices carried through the base, resinating through the walls and to any bot who could hear it. Any who did felt comfort and seemed to find themselves at peace for a short period of time, even Optimus could hear the beautiful voices of the young girls through the halls of the base.

The girls continued singing, despite the song being so sad it held an heir of beauty. It was haunting, whimsical, beautiful...Jazz couldn't help but be drawn in closer to the beautiful melody, he couldn't help but stare at Taylor. He watched her alien body twist and turn, spin and bow, it was so strange and yet he loved it an for the life of him didn't know why. Bumble bee was no better off, being young his emotions were a bit shown on his sleeves. He had a smile on his face that told any bot around that he was in "Lala" land, it was the dopey smile any mech would get if he was smitten with love at first sight. The girls finished their little aria with a gentle sound of a howl, similar to a wolf baying to the moon above. Bumble bee was still lost in the melody in his mind, Jazz smiled and clapped but caught a feeling he wasn't alone and turned around....a large group of other Autobots had gathered around the door of the storage area.

"Alright break it up come on, get outta here." said Jazz calmly ushering the other bots to disperse, some of them groaned and walked off, others tried to argue but eventually listened when Optimus's name was dropped.

"Optimus seems to be a very important person around here." said Serenity, causing Bumble bee to break from his trance.

"Oh yeah he is, he's out leader and a damn good one too!" Bumble bee was more then happy to talk about Optimus, the one bot he idolized so much.

"Sounds like it, what kind of person is he?" asked Taylor.

"He's complicated but always looks out for his bots, he doesn't send anyone into something he knows that will cost them their life you know suicide missions. He puts a lot of faith in others and trust, and unlike Megatron....doesn't view his soldiers as expendable." said Bumble bee adding a bit of grimness to his final words.

"Who's Megatron?" asked Serenity.

"Megatron leads the Decepticons, a bunch of bad dudes that want to rule Cybertron under him. He steps on the weak and kills anything that gets in his way, he has the power of dark energon at his disposal. I can tell you this you two if you come face to face with might as well say your prayers cause no one has faced him and come back alive accept for Optimus and a few luckies." said Jazz.

"Dark energon....sounds familiar to me." said Taylor.

"It does Taylor, remember when we were little my brother told us the story of Hexxus and how his twisted mind formed the demon Unicron and formed in Unicron was the esssense of evil itself called Blood of Unicron or as Jason put it Dark energon!" said Serenity recalling her childhood stories.

"Wait, wait hold on how do you two know about Unicron?" asked Jazz.

"It was a story my brother told me when Taylor and I were little."

"Seems our planet has reached your planet.....Optimus would like to know this."

End ch 10


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Don't ignore this you have to read and watch this the FCC In febuary is gonna Vote on net Neurtrality, Please people Tell Tom Wheeler that his so called Two Lanes is spitting on our Constitutional rights, We shouldn't have to pay for Certian websites, we should beforced to change our service providers. This is like a Dictatorship on the internet. Protect our internet, don't let this year of 2015 be the year where the FCC and Net Neutrality wins. We are the people and the people must be heard


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